Interview With Yvonne Howard

Q.  What do you expect to see on

A.  Basically, I want to see an introduction to the company and myself. I want people to see what we do and how good we are. Clients should see how to contact me and what services we provide. The site will continue to evolve and I will introduce other bits of information that will be valuable to current and potential clients.
The site will be used for advertising and promotion, research information, support requests and client interaction. I want current and prospective clients to be able to find me so I can grow the business. The more successful our bussiness, the greater support we can provide.

Q.  Why did you start your business?

A.   I have been in the Strata industry for over 11 years and still enjoy it! However I decided it was time for me to not be an employee and start a business in a career that I not only enjoy but am good at. I have experience in all avenues of Strata Management, a good work ethic and am great communicator. This all ties in with having a successful business with loads of happy clients.

I came up with the name Proactive Strata Services after considering why most people want to change their Strata Manager. The most common complaint was that they had to consistently chase their manager for the simplest tasks and they did not feel that they were managed effectively.

At Proactive Strata Services we see our role is to anticipate and service our clients’ needs whilst still giving value for their dollar. We offer a personable, professional and prompt service! Each perspective client is interviewed and a management portfolio is produced. There is no fixed package that everyone fits into.

Education is the Key

As the owner of a strata or community titled property, you’re sure to have many questions. Proactive Strata Services can help with information, education and advice from industry experts. Look to Proactive Strata Services for information on what to consider before you purchase a strata or community title property, your responsibilities as a member of an owners corporation or executive committee, your rights as a property owner, use of common property and many more issues that you are likely to come across.

Q.  What areas are you willing to manage?

A.  We will support NSW Buildings – from 2 – 700+